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Your own brand colors!

Did you know that as a distributor of Kvia Cow Brushes you can sell them in your own brand colors? This is a unique opportunity to differentiate your product range and strengthen your brand.

Kvia Kobørster i Brandfarver

Create a strong brand with customized products

Kvia offers you the opportunity to customize our cow brushes to match your brand. By choosing your own colors, you can create a strong visual identity and ensure your products stand out in the market.

The benefits of customizing Kvia's cow brushes
  • Brand recognition: Strengthen your brand identity with colors that represent your brand.
  • Customer loyalty: Personalized products create a stronger connection with your customers.
  • Competitive advantage: Differentiation ensures your products stand out from the competition.
Easy customization process

We've made it easy to customize the cow brushes for your brand. From color selection to production and delivery, our team is ready to help you through the entire process, offering comprehensive support and guidance.

How to get started

Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities and to discuss how we can help strengthen your brand. Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the next steps.

Create your own success story

Become part of Kvia's dealer network and take advantage of private label cow busts. Differentiate your product range and strengthen your brand with customized products.

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information about our reseller program and the benefits of customizing our cowbells for your brand. We look forward to starting a successful partnership with you.