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In agriculture, it's crucial to have tools that are both durable and improve animal welfare.

This is where Nora Mini comes in - a newly developed cow brush designed to meet the needs of both large and small cows. Nora Mini offers a practical and effective solution for daily grooming that promotes animal activity and keeps animals clean.

Nora Mini is adapted to any herd and can serve multiple animals at the same time thanks to its unique design with a universal joint that allows the brush to move freely. This feature means that cows can initiate brushing themselves by pushing the brush, which starts the rotation. It's a simple mechanism that doesn't require electrical operation, saving on running costs and reducing the need for maintenance.

Nora Mini is made of stainless steel and is designed with a focus on quality and longevity. It complies with Danish legislation for rotary brushes for dairy cattle and is the result of a targeted effort to create a product that can withstand the challenges of daily use in the barn.

In addition to being an effective solution for cows and heifers, Nora Mini can also be used by horses, goats and sheep. This makes the brush a versatile tool in the barn that can contribute to better coat care and increased animal welfare across different animal species.

For farmers looking for an economical, durable and effective solution to improve the quality of life for their animals, Nora Mini offers a compelling solution. By investing in this brush, you can ensure a better environment for animals while minimizing operational costs associated with maintenance and electricity. Nora Mini is a clear choice for the modern farmer who values practical animal care and sustainability.

Nora Mini Cow Brush