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In the gestation barn at Gråsten Landbrugsskole, the sows are doing extra well at the moment. They benefit from a cow brush from KVIA, which is tested in the barn.

During 'Det Sønderjyske Fællesdyrskue' in Aabenraa, the principal at Gråsten Landbrugskole and Jacob Billund from KVIA had a good long chat. It turned out that they at Gråsten Landbrugsskole had previously tested brushes for pigs, where the pigs were ravenous, but unfortunately ate the brushes as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Despite the possible challenges, KVIA installed a almost standard brush at the agricultural school. The brush that has been set up is a Molly brush, however it is short as pigs are by nature a slightly different size to cows. The machinery is in stainless steel, and mounted via slotted anchors.

Pig brush at Gråsten Landbrugsskole

Pigs eat everything, but since the brush starts as soon as they touch it, they have not yet managed to eat it. The pigs use the brush diligently: it has been running almost non-stop for the month it has been in the barn!

Not only animal welfare has been considered with this project. The behavior of the pigs is also an important aspect of the trial. The hope is that the pigs are slaughtered less, and that this will give more peace in the barn.

Although the pigs do not look particularly violent when they use the brush, it is still too early to conclude anything.

However, the brush must prove its worth in the pig barn before it is eventually marketed to pig producers. It must be known with great certainty that the brush can last and that the pigs will not eat it.

Should the project prove to be a success, it will not only be for KVIA and the producers. There will hopefully also be a gain in the form of improved welfare for the pigs.


You can see a video of the pigs in the barn on Gråsten Landbrugsskole's Facebook page via the link below: https://www.facebook.com/Graasten.Landbrugsskole/videos/929439294779333